Park to Playa Trail

Baldwin Hills "One Big Park" Vision

Stocker Trail Final Concept Plan

Ballona Creek LMU Feasibility Study

Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program

Baldwin Hills Linkages and Access Study

Milton Street Park at Ballona Creek

The Milton Street Project area is a 1.2-acre rectangular parcel directly adjacent to the Ballona Creek Trail and Bike Path. To the east of the site is the Centinela Park (a rest area and access point to the bike/pedestrian path from Centinela Blvd). Directly north of the proposed park is a small residential street, Milton St., and Marina Del Ray Middle School immediately north of that. To the west a short distance are Ballona Wetlands, separated from the proposed park by a few homes and the bridge of the Marina Freeway that acts as a threshold to the widening, more natural area of the creek.

The development of a park at the Milton Street parcel has great potential to increase needed open space in Los Angeles, provide a passive recreational amenity as well as incorporate interpretive elements to heighten awareness of area resources. This is a significant location because it also provides a large opportunity to implement storm water Best Management Practices (BMPs), support the City of Los Angeles' adopted TMDL for the Creek, and implement Low Impact Development and green building techniques. The park will also provide a new public access point to the bicycle path through the installation of a decorative gate. A new decorative fence will replace the existing damaged chain link fence and will extend along the Northwest boarder of the property. In addition, the current design plans to divert the existing bicycle path directly through the new park.

Baldwin Hills Environmental Interpretation Initiative

Eastern Gateway project

The long awaited Eastern Gateway project at Don Lorenzo and La Brea provides a formal, user-friendly portal for hikers and runners to access to the eastern ridge of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. The improvement includes new native trees and shrubs; hard-scape additions; a bio-swale storm water filtration channel and much needed pedestrian friendly steps leading from the crosswalk into the park. Upon its completion in early 2011, it will represent one of the first multi-benefit projects in the region, demonstrating alternative ways of managing storm runoff to improve water quality while simultaneously adding to the natural aesthetic of the parklands.

Eastern Ridgeline Facilities Expansion