Baldwin Hills Conservancy


The meeting of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy (BHC) will be held

Friday, April 6, 2001 from 8:30 AM- 11:00 AM


Garden Room

of the

Culver City Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium

4117 Overland Ave. 

(Corner of Culver Blvd. And Overland Ave.)

Culver City

(310) 253-6655




I.                Roll Call

II.              Public Comment on Agenda Items              

Individuals wishing to comment on items on the agenda will be allowed three minutes to speak.  Speaker times may be reduced depending on the number of speakers.

III.            Approval of Minutes

IV.            Interim Chair Report—Albert Vera

V.              Selection of an Interim-Vice Chairperson

VI.            Deputy Attorney General's Report – John Saurenman, Deputy Attorney General

a.    Discussion and possible action on the conservancy’s Conflict of Interest Code

b.    Ethics Training

VII.          Staff Report – Miriam Barcellona Ingenito 

a.    Budget update

b.    Personnel

                                                    i.     Discussion of Executive Officer and Executive Secretary Positions

c.     Legislative Report

                                                    i.     SB259 (Senator Murray) – status


VIII.        Report on the Baldwin Hills Master Plan – Esther Feldman

IX.            Board Member Comments

X.              Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda

Individuals wishing to comment on items not on the agenda will be allowed two minutes to speak.  Speaker times may be reduced depending on the number of speakers.

XI.            Scheduling of Next Meeting

XII.          Closed Session:

Pursuant to Government Code sections 54956.8, 54956.9 and 54957, the Conservancy may hold a closed session to discuss and take possible action on personnel matters and or receive advice of counsel on pending or potential litigation. Confidential memoranda related to these issues may be considered during such closed session discussions.


For additional information concerning this meeting you may call Miriam Barcellona Ingenito of Secretary Mary D. Nichols' Office at (916) 653-5227 or visit the BHC web page at



Agenda Item VII (b)



Duty Statement

Under the direction of the Governing Board of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy, the Executive Officer provides advice, assistance and expertise with establishing and managing the Baldwin Hills Area.  The Executive Officer’s responsibilities include:

Provide advice, assistance and expertise to the Conservancy Board in the development and implementation of policy and procedures for the Conservancy and the Baldwin Hills Area.

          Develop and implement projects and programs in the Baldwin Hills Area.

Provide for high level interagency coordination with state and local officials on actions affecting the Baldwin Hills Area.

Supervise the acquisition and management of lands within the Baldwin Hills Area.

Manage the Conservancy’s external relations with public officials and interest groups, local governments and state agencies.

Manage the Conservancy’s internal operations, including budgeting, contracts, personnel and office management.

Supervise the preparation and distribution of agendas, minutes and agenda materials for Board meetings; provide advice and assistance to the Board during meetings.



Duty Statement

30%          Create/type technical grant applications and proposals as directed by the Executive Officer for presentation to the Conservancy Board and various agencies.  Organize data from various sources; prepare reports to Executive Officer, Deputy Attorney General, Budget Manager and others for recommendations on office procedures/management and project alternatives.

20%   Obtain information for special projects as well as information needed for office management.  Review budget and legislative changes that could affect the Conservancy and keep the Executive Officer apprised of these changes.

10%          Transcribe minutes of regularly scheduled Baldwin Hills Conservancy Board of Directors meetings; coordinate final copy with Deputy Attorney General.  Prepare all Agenda packages and insure the Conservancy’s compliance with the Brown Act.

10%          General correspondence created by Executive Officer for communication with developers, local and state government and non-profits.

5%     Insure Governing Board’s compliance with the Fair Political Practices Commission.

5%          Screen phone calls and determine appropriate action.  Process incoming mail and distribute as required after reviewing to determine if general information or specific data requiring action is needed.

5%          Develop and maintain a map of the Baldwin Hills providing property ownership and designation.

5%          Maintain a filing system on all data received and correspondence sent out.  Evaluate files, manuals and management directives for retention or discard.

5%          Purchase office supplies and office equipment.  Prepare all invoices for payment and record allocation of budget expenditures and total amount of expenditures on a monthly basis.  Maintain and update vendor data records.  Coordinate all travel arrangements and scheduling of meetings.

5%     Other duties as required.






Meetings are held the first Friday of the month

 from 9a.m. to 12p.m.

May 4, 2001

June 1, 2001

July 6, 2001

August 3, 2001

September 7, 2001

October 5, 2001

November 2, 2001

December 7, 2001