Baldwin Hills Conservancy


The meeting of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy (BHC) will be held

Friday, May 4, 2001 from 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM



Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area

Community Center

S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90056

Phone - (323) 298-3660







I.                Roll Call


II.              Public Comment on Agenda Items


Individuals wishing to comment on items on the agenda will be allowed three minutes to speak.  Speaker times may be reduced depending on the number of speakers.


III.            Approval of Minutes (for March and April)


IV.            Interim Chair Report—Albert Vera


V.              Deputy Attorney General's Report – John Saurenman

a.    Discussion and possible action on the conservancy’s Conflict of Interest Code

b.    Ethics Training

                                                    i.     Privacy Policy


VI.            Staff Report – Miriam Barcellona Ingenito 

a.    Budget

b.    Personnel

c.     Aerial Photo of Baldwin Hills Conservancy’s Jurisdiction



d.    Legislative update

                                                    i.     Discussion and possible action supporting or opposing SB 259, Senator Kevin Murray


VII.          Board Member Comments


VIII.        Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda


Individuals wishing to comment on items not on the agenda will be allowed two minutes to speak.  Speaker times may be reduced depending on the number of speakers.


IX.            Scheduling of Next Meeting


X.              Closed Session:


Pursuant to Government Code sections 54956.8, 54956.9 and 54957, the Conservancy may hold a closed session to discuss and take possible action on personnel matters and or receive advice of counsel on pending or potential litigation. Confidential memoranda related to these issues may be considered during such closed session discussions.  The Conservancy will conduct a closed session pursuant to government Code section 54957 to consider the appointment of an Executive Officer.




For additional information concerning this meeting you may call Miriam Barcellona Ingenito of Secretary Mary D. Nichols' Office at (916) 653-5227 or visit the BHC web page at



Agenda Item VI (a)

Staff Report


Both the Assembly and Senate Budget Sub-committees on natural resources have heard the Baldwin Hills Conservancy Budget and have approved the $264,000 for baseline funding as proposed.  These funds would be used by the conservancy for salaries, rents, and other operational expenses.  These funds are not for capital outlay expenditures.

Assemblyman Herb Wesson appeared before the Assembly Budget Sub-Committee on Resources and requested an augmentation of $11 million for acquisitions of key trail connection parcels in the Baldwin Hills Area.  The committee agreed to consider the request after the May Revise fiscal data is available.

Agenda Item VI (c)

Staff Report



Interim Chairman Vera has requested that staff look into and eventually order an aerial photograph of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy’s Jurisdiction. 


Attached please find a sample clip of an aerial photograph of the Baldwin Hills area.  This sample gives an idea of the view scale of the photo and how it will look when printed.  The current scale shows each inch to be approximately 42 feet, or one square inch to be 1,800 square feet.  A full-scale photograph would be 35 inches by 48 inches and would easily fit on an easel for display.  The total expenditure for the fully mounted and laminated photograph is approximately $500.


Before ordering the photograph, there are a number of factors that should be considered.  For instance:

·     Does the board want specific areas to be highlighted? 

·     Would it like to have lines included to depict the entire Baldwin Hills area, or just the jurisdiction of the conservancy? (If the board decides to highlight or limit the photograph to the jurisdiction of the BHC, it may wish to wait to purchase this item until after the outcome SB 259 is determined.)

·     Do you want existing parks and open space to be demarked? 

·     Other variations can be discussed.


The company that will create the finished product can also add a small logo or name on the photo.  Additional labors (such as, adding a logo or highlighting specific areas) run about $65 per hour.