Baldwin Hills Parklands Conservation Program

A Baldwin Hills Conservancy Prop 84 Project

West Los Angeles College Students Teach Campers About Local Ecology

The Los Angeles Audubon Society (LAAS) will develop and implement the Baldwin Hills Parklands Conservation Program over three years at Kenneth Hahn Park to strengthen park users’ connection to nature and sense of stewardship.  The College Course and Day camp will foster an understanding of the biodiversity within the parkland. This will be achieved through two program aspects: 1) Pilot conservation certificate program for local college students; and 2) Pilot conservation and craftsmanship day camp for ages 7 -12.  In both program aspects, West Los Angeles College (WLAC) students will conduct a variety of conservation activities, such as habitat restoration, trail protection, and the development of interpretive signage. The students will also serve as interns for the youth day camps. This program will establish a for-credit course at WLAC that will be sustainable over the long-term, providing work experience for local students. Similarly, the conservation day camp will become a sustained park program that will serve local parents and children, while providing employment experience for local students.

Project Partners: Los Angeles Audubon Society, Baldwin Hills Regional Conservation Authority, Baldwin Hills Conservancy

Start: Summer 2016

Completion Date: Summer 2019

Status: Ongoing

Project Location: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area