BHSO Trail and Stormwater Improvement Project

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Trail and Stormwater Improvement Project

LA Conservation Corps, working with California State Parks and Los Angeles Audubon Society, will restore the steps and trails at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (BHSO), remove unsanctioned trails, restore natural habitat in those areas, and install interpretive signage. This project focuses on public access, water quality improvement, watershed protection, and interpretation:

  • Public access and safety will be improved by trail construction and repair, repair and maintenance of the steps, and installation of post-and-cable barriers to direct traffic.
  • Water quality will be improved by natural habitat restoration that enables increased water infiltration on the site.
  • Watershed protection improvements will increase infiltration on site and reduce storm water run-off down packed trails and roads as well as storm water run-off across Jefferson Boulevard and into adjacent Ballona Creek.
  • Interpretative signage will be installed to increase the educational value of the site by enabling visitors to learn about the flora and fauna of our region.

The project will improve:

  1. Stairs
    1. Irrigation waterline installed down the length of the stairs to be used for habitat restoration
    2. Step improvements throughout the entire length of the stairs
    3. Posts and cables placed along both sides of the stairs
  2. Trails
    1. Evaluation of official trails for the need to re-engineer the tread so the trails will sheet drain to the downslope side, preventing entrainment of sediment-laden storm water.
    2. Map of trail segments requiring re-engineering/improvements where needed
    3. Identify and close non-official trails using signage, fencing and vegetation.
    4. Post & Cable fencing will be installed on all sections of trails mapped for reengineering/ improvements
  3. Habitat Restoration
    1. Areas for habitat restoration will be identified
    2. Identified areas will be vegetated with appropriate native vegetation, prioritizing areas that will address storm-water runoff and erosion.
  4. Interpretation
    1. Signs will be designed and installed at appropriate locations to educate the public about the importance of staying on official trails.
    2. Volunteers from the public will be considered for participation in the project, where appropriate, and in assisting State Parks in a volunteer interpretive program.

Project Status: Active

Completion Date: Spring 2020

Project Partners: Los Angeles Conservation Corp, California State Parks, Los Angeles Audubon

Total Project Cost: $1,168,880

BHC Prop 84 Grant Amount: $830,683

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