Baldwin Hills Community Resilience and Access Plan (Prop 68)

This Project will develop an inclusive Community Resilience and Access Plan for the Baldwin Hills Parklands. The objective is for the Parklands to become an innovative resource in support of the region’s wide range of socio-economic constituents. Resilience hubs are community serving facilities augmented to support residents, coordinate communication and distribute resources while enhancing quality of life year-round. A successfully implemented park-based hub can become the nexus of community resilience, emergency management, climate change mitigation and social equity.

The Community Resilience and Access Plan proposes a one-and a-half-year research-based planning process driven by local community stakeholders and agency leaders. The final product would be a written and visual electronic resource that includes research, analysis, access maps and community recommendations for implementing and sustaining a resiliency hub in the Parklands.

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Project Status: Active

Completion Date: Summer 2022

Project Partners: Climate Resolve (Grantee), SLATE-Z, Sumire Gant Consulting

Total Project Cost: $230,640

BHC Prop 68 Grant Amount: $200,000