Stocker Corridor

Stocker Corridor

A Baldwin Hills Conservancy Proposition 40 Project

The Stocker Corridor Project includes long awaited improvements for trail access and gateway beautification. The improvements created a direct connection to the adjacent popular Ruben Ingold Park, and transitional access to Norman O. Houston Park, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area (KHSRA) along the Park to Playa Trail.

The BHC funded improvements include 1) 1.2-acre Trailhead at Stocker Street and Overhill Drive with native plant landscaping and irrigation, parking lot, crosswalks, pedestrian pathways, stairs and an ADA-accessible ramp connecting to Ruben Ingold Park, trailhead monuments, signage, fencing, bike racks, and seating; 2) Trail improvements along the existing Stocker Corridor trail included widening and resurfacing, realignments.  Across the street, matching funds from the County created gateway entrance improvements to KHSRA eastern ridgeline trail linkage, including native plant landscaping and irrigation, pedestrian pathways connecting to the trail, signage, and an entrance monument


Project Partners: Baldwin Hills Conservancy, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, State Coastal Commission, Santa Monica Bay Restoration Committee, Baldwin Hills Recreation Conservation Authority

Project Location: Milton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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