Waste Transfer Station Storm Water Diversion and Rain Garden Project

The Project will divert and capture the first 1.1” of first flush storm water.  This will be done through the implementation of two (2) underground retention basins, and rain gardens on the northern and southern part of the Transfer Stations facility which will include cisterns to supplement the rain garden irrigation system in between storm events.  It will also include an interpretive piece to inform the public of the storm water diversion and groundwater recharge.

The Project will construct:

  • Two (2) underground retention basins (tanks)
  • Rain gardens on the northern and southern parts of the refuse station
  • Interpretive signage illustrating the proposed diversion, bio-filtration, water harvesting, & infiltration systems function

Project Status: Active

Completion Date: Spring 2018

Project Partners: City of Culver City and Baldwin Hills Conservancy

Total Project Cost: $1,324,000

BHC Prop 1 Grant Amount: $606,000