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Conservancy Mission Statement

The Baldwin Hills Conservancy’s mission is to acquire open space and manage public lands within the Baldwin Hills area and to provide recreation, restoration and protection of wildlife habitat within the territory for the public’s enjoyment and educational experience.

The Conservancy provides Local Assistance funding to public agencies and non-profits to restore and improve the territory pursuant to this mission.  Funding for these grants comes from Prop 1, Prop 40, and Prop 84.

Conservancy’s Enabling Statutes


Baldwin Hills Conservancy Territory

The Baldwin Hills Parklands are 480 acres of public parks managed by California State Parks, Los Angeles  County Parks and Recreation, Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation, Culver City Parks, and Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority

Jurisdictional Boundaries of the Baldwin Hills Parklands

One Big Park Concept Illustrative

The Future of the Baldwin Hills Parklands

One Big Park Concept